What is GINGER?

GINGER is a mobile application you can use to chat, make free calls, and send pictures, videos and files to contacts in your mobile telephone directory. You can also create chat groups with your GINGER contacts or subscribe as a VIP member to talk with other people. GINGER is available for free download on iOS and Android.

Do you pay for GINGER services?

GINGER services are totally free. You make no payments for chats, calls or stickers. 

Does the GINGER app run adverts?

GINGER runs no adverts on the application.

Do you need Internet access to use GINGER?

Yes, your smartphone must have access to the Internet via Wi-Fi or a 3G /4G network (Internet access will be charged by your mobile telephone operator).

How do you install the GINGER app?

To install GINGER, click on the following link: www.ginger-messenger.com/dl, then choose the store that corresponds to your smartphone (Apple Store or Google Play Store).

How to subscribe to GINGER

To subscribe, it is simple: just send your telephone number. You will receive an SMS with a code of 4 digits to verify your telephone number. Enter the four-digit code in the right field and press ok. You are subscribed to GINGER and can immediately begin to chat and make free calls to your GINGER contacts.

How do I invite my contacts to install GINGER?

To invite your contacts to install GINGER, select your contacts who have still not installed GINGER, then click on the “Invite to Ginger” button.

You can also share the GINGER application on Facebook, Twitter and via e-mail by clicking on the “share” button in the left menu bar.

How do I know if my GINGER contacts are online?

You can see your GINGER contacts online from a green circle around their profile picture. For those who are not online, the circle will be grey.

How to modify my profile (picture and status)?

Click on the “Settings” button or on your profile picture in the left menu bar to change your profile picture and your GINGER status.

Are my conversations, pictures, videos and files stored?

GINGER does not store any of your data. Any data on conversations, photos, videos and files only transits on our servers to get to the recipients.

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